About Us

Founded in 1940 as IGO (Independent Garage Owners), the Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) is a confederation of regional automotive trade associations (called chapters), consisting of independently-owned repair shops, as well as associated aftermarket businesses such as parts stores and insurance brokers. The association has a Code of Ethics that members are agreed to adhere to when they sign their Membership Application. When you see the ASCCA logo, you know that you can count on quality auto repair.

The North Orange County Chapter encompasses the cities of Brea, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, La Habra, Placentia , Orange, Santa Ana, and Yorba Linda. Included in our membership are also shops from Downey, Rowland Heights, Walnut, with Bellflower, Norwalk, Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, Artesia and Whittier included in our roster.

ASCCA/Chapter Benefits

Education Workshops
Both the state ASCCA office and Chapter 48 offer numerous educatiional opportunities for its members. For example,Chapter 48 offered–at a reduced, subsidized rate–six Professional Development Seminars given by Educational Seminars Institute’s (ESI) renowned educator Maylan Newton. These outstanding seminars–with a focus on management skills–was offered at a reduced rate for Chapter 48 members only.

Our chapter Educational Chair, regularly schedules other workshops—taught by highly-respected experts in the field—that offer members and their employees valuable hands-on education within the auto repair industry. Examples of our more popular workshops include: Hybrid Training, Lab Scope Training, Driveability, OBDII, and Fuel Evaporation Testing, to name a few. The cost is reduced for our members.

State Representation
With ASCCA headquarters based in Sacramento, they stay on top of the latest laws governing our industry. Included is a paid lobbyist whose primary function is to defend and support our industry each and every day. This is a very important benefit – especially in today’s business climate where we must continually “fight” against the auto dealers and manufacturers.

And, as a member of ASCCA, have FREE legal counsel! One of the benefits of belonging to ASCCA is that you can call our Sacramento based legal counsel and receive 1/2 hour of free legal advice regarding your business.

Chapter-to-Member Communication
All Chapter 48 members receive the ASCCA News newsletter which is packed with valuable information for your business. The newsletter—which includes a member roster—is designed to help keep you up to date with the latest news and technology in the automotive repair industry. Plus, we routinely send out what is called E-Mail Blasts, informing members of the latest news regarding our industry, chapter meeting reminders, etc.

Shop Nights
These meetings are very popular with our members. Hosted at either a member’s shop or at a variety of industry-related businesses (Gallio Motor Sports, ARI, etc.), they include a short tour of the facility, a fabulous meal, and an informative talk. Plus, the casual setting of these Shop Nights allows members, techs, and guests to comfortably network—talk shop, if you will—and thus create valuable industry-related camaraderie.

Chapter Socials
We realize that it’s important to throw in a little fun and games throughout the year. Meetings can’t always be on the serious side – it’s important to just cut loose every once in a while and invite your employees and families out for an evening of fun.


Pick a career – any career – and education is how you’re going to succeed. Without it, you’re struggling to get ahead. The advancements made in automobiles every year means our members will be attending more seminars. Business management practices also must be sharpened and enhanced to provide better service to customers. For these reasons, our chapter schedules – exclusively for our members – advanced technical and business management seminars each year. As long as automobiles continue to include state-of-the-art improvements, we will continue to hold special training classes for our members.